Project Directions

Create, Send, and Receive Christmas Cards and Add a Pin to the Google Map

Register for the December 2017 RCAN Christmas Card Exchange HERE


  1. You will receive a list of participating classes at your grade level: PK-K, 1-3, 4-5, and 6-8
  2. Your students will work in small groups in class to design a card to send to the other classes. You can create the card with traditional materials (paper, crayons, markers), digital materials (an interactive whiteboard and drawing tools), or a computer program or app (KidPix, Microsoft Paint,etc).
  3. Everyone in the class will sign each card. If the card was created electronically, print the card and have it signed. There is something special about a physical signature or printed name (at the lower grade levels).
  4. The teacher addresses and mails one card to the participating classes in their group.
  5. You will also receive the participating teachers' email addresses. Feel free to contact each other via email if you would like to try to establish a penpal partnership/blogging partnership/Skype/Google Hangout between your classes.
  6. Optionally: Hang the cards in your classroom or outside your classroom with a map of New Jersey and the locations of your partner schools.


  1. Go to the editable Google Map: (To be linked here by November 6)
  2. Follow the directions as needed in the 002 Add Map Pin directions.
  3. Use the map tools to look at your school and discuss your student observations.