Create a Video

Option 2: Have students take photos and make a "Creating and Sending Cards" or "Signs of Advent and Christmas" video (see samples here) and post a link to the video by choosing an empty date on the Advent Calendar.

The process will vary from school to school depending on the physical devices and software available. Share what tools and software/websites the students used to create the video on the 2016 Advent Calendar page in addition to a link to the video.

Devices: Tablets, Laptops, Chromebooks, Desktop computers
Software: iMovie, Garageband, Windows Movie Maker, Audacity

Directions to Edit the 2016 Advent Calendar page to be posted soon.

Note: In Rubicon-Atlas go to Search > Curriculum and type RCAN Christmas Card Exchange in Keyword and press the Search button. Feel free to copy Unit Plans into your own unit plans and edit as you see fit. [Under the Learning Activities section, look for the file labeled RCAN-Christmas-VideoCreation.]