2016 Project Parts

  • All Classes: Create, send, and receive Christmas Cards => Click here for directions
  • All Classes: Add a pin to the Google Map => Click here for directions The Schools Office is the first pin at the Archdiocesan Center in Newark.
  • Option 1: Map Your Connections - Use Google Earth or Google Maps and explore your school and your partner schools. How are the locations and/or the look of the building the same or different? How far apart are the schools? How would you drive or walk there? Choose an empty date on the Advent Calendar and share your reflection in whatever way you choose.
  • Option 2: Have students take photos and make a "Creating and Sending Cards" or "Signs of Advent and Christmas" video (see samples here) and post a link to the video by choosing an empty date on the Advent Calendar.
  • Option 3: Join the live Google Hangout and sing Christmas carols. The Live Feed will be placed here the dayof the event. Participating schools will receive an email in advance with directions. Date and time to be posted shortly.
  • Option 4: Skype or Google Hangout between two classes. Make arrangements on your own with a partner teacher to have your students...​Meet your partner class and share school traditions OR Have a Mystery Saint call OR Come up with an idea between teachers THEN have your students share class reflections about the experience on the Advent Calendar page.
  • Option 5: View the YouTube video of the Christmas Carol Hangout after the fact and have your students sing along.

Participating Classes