RCAN Christmas Card Exchange

Registration for the 2017 Christmas Card Exchange is closed.

An Opportunity

  • This is based on a project called #ccGlobal Christmas.
  • There will be multiple classes in each Christmas card exchange group. The exact number will depend upon enrollment in the project.
  • Each class will receive a list of classes participating in your group the week of November 6, 2017.
  • Your students will collaborate in class to make cards for each partner class. You can use whatever materials you choose.
  • You will send one card to each class in your group. You will receive one card from each class in your group.
  • Keep in mind most of our schools close for Christmas break around December 23rd. Make sure you give the postal service enough time to get your card to your partner classes.
  • Registration is closed.

Optional Components to the Project

All Classes: Card Exchange and Map Pin

  • As a class, open the map (link to follow) and add a pin for your classroom. You will be given permission to add the pin once the project begins.
  • If you have never done this before, please follow the directions here. Explore your school in the map in the lower grades.

Option 1: Map Your Connections

  • Open Google Maps and find out how you could get from your school to your partner's schools. You can add your maps or share what you learned on this 2017 Advent Calendar page. You will be given permission to edit this page once the project begins.

Option 2: Create and Share a Video

  • Create a video of your student's creating cards or sharing evidence of Advent and Christmas preparations around your school. Make sure you have permission to publish the students if you include their faces. Add the video to the 2017 Advent Calendar page. See samples on this RCAN Collaborate page.

Option 3: Google Hangout Christmas Sing Along

  • Join in a Christmas Carol Sign Along via Google Hangouts - Date to be determined in mid-November 2017:
    • Participate live with other classes
    • Participate by viewing the live feed with your class
    • Participate by viewing recorded video with your class or to share at home

Option 4: Skype or Google Hangout with Your Partner Class(es) on Your Own

  • Meet your partner class and share school traditions.
  • Have a Mystery Saint call.
  • Come up with an idea between teachers and share your experiences and ideas for next year.
  • Share class reflections on your call on the 2017 Advent Calendar page. You will be given permission to edit this page once the project begins.